Puzzle: NRich Maths- Painted Cube Investigation

26 05 2010

This week I used a fantastic open-ended investigation with my top-set Year 9 class. The problem was taken from the NRich Maths website and was called Painted Cube. It is based around the idea that a large cube (made up from smaller cubes) is dipped into a pot of paint, removed and the paint left to dry. You then dismantle ┬áthe big cube (pulling the smaller cubes apart) and investigate the following questions: Read the rest of this entry »


Great maths website: NRich Maths

10 05 2010

This is one of my favourite sites for getting resources for lessons and interesting homeworks. If you’re a student, there’s loads of maths puzzles and games to get you thinking as well as articles explaining interesting bits of the history of maths. If you’re a teacher, it’s an excellent site for getting enrichment based resources, many of which are interactive and work great up on the interactive white board. I use the puzzles on the site a lot to extend my more able pupils.

The site publishes a monthly ‘magazine’ which you can subscribe to by email and features new puzzles, resources and information about the site.

Check out NRich Maths and have some fun!

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