Maths class needs a makeover: TED talk by Dan Meyer

17 05 2010

When you teach someone some maths, what you think maths is all about really affects the way that you teach it. Teachers’ own beliefs about how maths works and what it is used for strongly influences the way that they teach the subject. Teaching is an art and a very creative process where you have to decide the best way to communicate an idea to your pupils so that they understand it.

I personally make only limited use of textbooks because I have long thought that they promote learning of processes rather than learning for understanding. I was fascinated to find the video below on the brilliant TED website where an American maths teacher called Dan Meyer puts this idea forward in a very interesting and humorous way and expands on it. He then explains the way he teaches maths in his own classroom which gives much food for thought for us maths teachers to think about the way we teach the subject. Dan has his own blog that features more of his ideas about how we should be teaching the subject we love.

Enjoy his talk and let us know in the comments section below whether you agree with him!

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